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IMED Ltd. is small and innovative medical products firm established over 20 years ago by private individuals from Hungary and Germany. The company’s main business is developing, producing, and marketing computerized medical equipment. Its leading product is an advanced personal computer based electrocardiograph, known as the CARDIAX PC-Based ECG. First introduced in Germany in 1991, the CARDIAX PC-ECG became a commercial success. Since then the product has further evolved through several hardware and software refinements, including USB and wireless (WiFi) connectivity and compatibility with the latest versions of the Windows® operating system. Ensuring consistent reliability has been an important goal of our development program.
Our development team are all highly educated, experienced engineers and programmers, who have previously achieved outstanding results in national school-contests. Owing to its sophistication and high quality standards, CARDIAX has became a well known product throughout Europe. Besides marketing in Hungary, we export our products to Germany, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Italy, Serbia, and Romania. We also have sales in Austria, France, and in the Czech Republic. Outside Europe, we have business interests in Brazil, in the USA, in Australia and in India.
The strength of IMED Ltd. lies in our flexibility. Through collaborations with several of our customers and partners, our software development processes have become both more rigorous as well as versatile. We always attempt to incorporate individual needs and ideas of our various partners into each project. In this way, CARDIAX has become an elaborate, high standard application that is being continuously developed and further enhanced. The CARDIAX software can potentially be integrated with the database management software of the National Cardiological Institute, as well as with software products of the well-known German ergospirometer manufacturers. In fact, the coding scheme of Finland’s health insurance system has already been integrated in CARDIAX. The reliability of our software’s diagnostic system is confirmed by statistical evaluations of professionals.